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Do you talk about sex with your clients?

Are you a counsellor who finds it difficult to talk about sex in the counselling room?

Scared you will get embarrassed talking about sex?

Worried you will make your clients feel awkward?

Sex is something many clients want to talk about but find awkward. Many are nervous and want to know if their counsellor is going to be OK with what they want to say.

However, when I ask fellow counsellors how they feel about talking about sex in the counselling room many look terrified!

This is a problem which I a very passionate about trying to help change in our profession.

I want to help fellow counsellors feel more comfortable and confident in talking with their clients about sex, as ultimately this is going to help our clients explore what they need to from their sessions.

Do you talk about sex with your clients?

I ask you to consider the following questions:

  • What does ‘normal’ sex mean to you?

  • What happens to your face and your body when a client gives details about their sex life?

  • How would you feel if a client told you they are attracted to you – or if you were attracted to them?

  • Do you invite sexual and gender diversity into the room or wait for clients to talk about it?

  • How would you feel talking about sex with a lesbian, gay, bi or trans client?

  • Do you think Kink/BDSM is normal or are there times when you should be concerned?

  • Do you know what your biases are and what sexual differences are considered pathological?

  • How comfortable do you feel talking about sex in your own life?

These are all common questions that I’ve heard many fellow counsellors worry about and not know where to turn.

Are you feeling a bit lost and underprepared for talking about sex in the counselling room.

photo of Dr Lori Beth Bisbey (guest speaker)
Dr Lori Beth Bisbey - guest speaker

Ready to learn more?

I organised a fab talk and Q&A on ‘Talking about Sex in the Counselling Room’ for counsellors.

Our guest speaker is the fabulous Dr Lori Beth Bisbey. She is a specialist sex and relationships therapist with over 30 years experience. You may have spotted her on the telly recently as she was the Therapist on Channel 4's Open House: The Great Sex Experiment all about non-monogamy.

Are you ready to build you confidence and learn about talking about sex in the counselling room?

Get your CPD video here.

Are you ready to be

• Confident?

• Knowledgeable?

• Prepared?


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