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  • Are you a counsellor who finds it difficult to talk about sex in the counselling room?


  • Scared you will get embarrassed talking about sex?


  • Worried you will make your clients feel awkward?


I can help you.


This recording of our live event features expert guest speaker Dr Lori Beth Bisbey specialist sex and relationships psychologist with over 30 years experience.


Lori Beth shares with us how to talk about sex in the counselling room. Her talk explores her own experiences of erotic transference and clinical supervision and how she asks her clients about sex.




"An amazing webinar, that really allowed me to expand my knowledge and gave me new perspectives on topics." (Dallas Nash)


"Affordable CPD on important topics - thank you so much!" (Julia Ouzia)



Our guest speaker answers lots of questions about sex including ... 


  • Why people use pornography for anxiety?


  • How can we look out for abuse in the kink community?


  • If a client gets an erection in a counselling session, what should I do or say?


  • How can I work with clients who have cultural shame towards sex?


  • Do you have any ideas of how I explore sexual violence and or sexual experiences with clients who have transitioned?



Why buy this course?


> available instantly

> lifetime access

> start/stop and return as often as you like

> accessible: subtitles and full transcript

> time saving (50 mins)

> clear and concise

> value for money

> easy to access

> resource list included to aid your further learning

Are you ready to save time and learn in a clear & concise way from someone with a proven track record in delivering high quality training?



Who's the guest speaker?

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a registered psychologist, accredited advanced GSRD therapist (Pink Therapy), Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, certified Whole Person Coach. She has specialities in the treatment of trauma, gender, sex and relationship diversity and has spent the last 33 years working with individuals, couples and groups. Her podcast, The A to Z of Sex®, has been running weekly since 2016. Dr Bisbey was seen on two episodes of Channel 5’s The Sex Business. She was also the therapist on Channel 4's Open House: The Great Sex Experiment aired in Spring 2022. She is based in the UK.



Please keep your email reciept as proof of purchase to claim your CPD hours.

If you would like a CPD certificate please email me to request.

Video CPD - Talking about SEX in the Counselling Room

  • "Excellent CPD - refreshingly honest and open which enabled further learning and growth for me as an attendee." (Emma Brand)


    "Covers the subjects we should have in our training, sex and sexuality is such an integral part of life! ESSENTIAL for therapists." (Thomas Hurlock-Norton)


    "A very interesting and engaging talk from an experienced practitioner whos explanations were so thorough they answered your new questions before you'd finished thinking them." (Charlotte Dommett)

    • Your very own copy of this 50min recorded training complete with subtitles.


    • Full Transcript of the video


    • Resource list to aid further learning


    • Option to request a CPD certificate.
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