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​​Limited time to travel to counselling?


Anxious leaving the house?


Embarrassed to show your face?​​

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Why choose counselling online?

See a Specialist Counsellor

> Instead of picking from a handful of counsellors in your local area, see a counsellor with knowledge & experience working with LGBTQ+ people.


Save Time

> No travelling, parking or bus timetables which reduces added stress.


The Comfort of your Own Sofa

> This helps you feel more relaxed and able to be open, making counselling more powerful and effective for you.


Video Calls

Ideal if you like to see your counsellor and not have to leave the house.


Phone Calls

Ideal if you don't want to show your face, or your internet is unstable.

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Text Based Counselling

Ideal if you like writing and don't want to show your face or voice.

Online counselling for the LGBTQ+ Community

Why choose me?

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, counsellors were thrown online with no online experience or training. They had to learn 'on the job'.

As a result most counsellors don't have any additional training in online counselling.

I however, studied an advanced specialist online training in 2018 a few years after qualifying as a counsellor in 2016. My online training covered not just video calls, but also phone, email and instant message counselling.

This range of experience enables me to give you a dedicated online service where we can meet in the way that works for you.

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