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I passed my NCS quality check

A few months ago, The National Counselling Society (NCS) got in touch to ask if I’d like to run some LGBTQ Awareness workshops for their members.

Out of their vast array of CPD workshops for counsellors they didn’t have anything covering gender and sexual diversity and were looking to change that. I was very flattered to be asked after them seeing me run lots of big workshops for counsellors at Online Events in 2019 and 2020.

As a counsellor and trainer, I’m so committed to helping fellow counsellors build confidence and knowledge working with LGBTQ clients so we can make our counselling rooms feel safer for our clients to be open.

However, before we could put some dates in the diary, they explained to me about their course quality check. This is a rigorous process that each CPD workshop trainer must go through before running workshops for The National Counselling Society. It made sense to me that they wanted to check the quality before putting their name and logo behind it.

Despite having experience as a trainer in various roles since 2003 and having run this course for several hundred counsellors it still felt important that they took the time to check me and my course out through the process of this application. I hoped too that my course having a The National Counselling Society quality check would give members who are counsellors, psychotherapists, and trainees the confidence that my course would be one they could trust.

Through discussion with The National Counselling Society Training Standards Assistant/ CPD Co-ordinator and Head of Professional Services it became clear that my day course on LGBTQ terminology, pronouns and practical steps to LGBTQ inclusion was what would suit their counsellors’ members best as it is a deep dive introduction into working with LGBTQ clients.

Do you want to join us?

I have been running LGBTQ Awareness workshops for counsellors for the past 3 years and these have evolved over the years fine tuning what activities works best. I love to create very interactive workshops with quizzes, videos, and group activities so it’s great to hear from participants which bits they liked the best and what helped them build their confidence.

What does The National Counselling Society CPD quality check entail?

The National Counselling Society need to be assured that workshops are going to be quality learning experiences for their members. So, I completed an application form detailing the purpose of the course, who it is aimed at and what the participants will gain from attending. I also shared details of the structure and content by sending my workshop plan for the day along with my slides, quiz questions, video links, case studies and small group discussion activities.

I also sent a copy of my full colour booklet which summarises the learning which participants receive at the end of the day. They also required my CV detailing all my experiences running training workshops and testimonials from previous participants.

Here’s some examples of testimonials I sent:

“Fantastic workshop for all therapists at any stage of their career. Chloe makes a potentially overwhelming area, simple and understandable with her clear and direct style.”

“If like me you didn't know where to start with the topic of pronouns, look no further, Chloe has a really natural, congruent way of demystifying the subject.”

“Eye opening workshop from a very experienced insightful therapist.”

This was all sent over with an application fee and other paperwork including my public liability insurance, independent complaints policy and signed T&Cs.

The assessment process was a lot quicker than anticipated which was a relief as I was keen to get some dates in the diary ASAP.

In January 2021 my workshop received National Counselling Society quality check status and we announced the workshop dates to members.

Are you a counsellor who’s frightened of saying the wrong thing to an LGBTQ client?

​​Perhaps you’re scared you might make a mistake with a client’s pronouns and not know what to do?​​

I can help you.

Join us here


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