Who am I? - Part 2

Updated: Mar 29

In this series of blogs I talk a bit more about my background and who I am. Part 2 looks at my journey as a trainer.


As I prepare for my next round of online LGBTQ awareness workshops I took some time to reflect on my journey as a trainer.

You may be reading this wondering who I am, and I hope that this blog helps give you a little introduction into my journey as a trainer over the past 17 years.

I am very passionate about education and training and since 2003 teaching and training has been a part of my life.

I started out in 2003 working as an activity instructor, teaching adventure sports to children.

Then in 2004 I began a degree training to be a primary school teacher. Completing 2 placements in primary schools I got quite far through my primary teaching degree; however, during the uni summers and alongside my degree I got heavily involved in working for a fantastic organisation called Learning Enterprises.

Learning Enterprises helped me see that compulsory classroom education was not where my heart lay. My time with Learning Enterprises (an entirely volunteer student-run organisation) saw me teach English in Mauritius and then go on to recruit, train and mentor a team of student teachers to go out to Mauritius again for a second summer.

Training such a fab group of keen volunteers led to my then becoming their Director of Programming, with the responsibility for training and coordinating all the program leaders in each of the twelve international programs the organisation ran.

And so in the midst of all of this I decided to stop my primary teaching course and instead transfer on to a degree in Education. This degree fitted me much better. Here I learned about many fascinating things such as international education, special needs education, adult education as well as law and politics around education in the UK.

I loved my degree and was so proud to graduate with a First Class BA (Hons) deg