Gay shame - Part 2

Updated: Mar 26

This blog continues from my blog Gay shame – Part 1 where I talk about my experiences as a child at school during the time Section 28 was in force.

Read Part 1 here.

My experience as a primary school teacher

From 2004 to 2007 I trained as a primary school teacher in Brighton.

Throughout my training and school placements I don’t remember ever feeling safe to be openly gay.

There were no out gay teachers in any of the 3 schools I taught in.

Being in Brighton I find it hard to believe that no one was gay, but maybe there weren’t many gay people who chose to work in schools back then.

I can certainly say that my sexuality was one of the factors that made me decide not to finish my training and not to work as a full-time primary school teacher.

I wonder how many other student teachers had my experience ...

We are now missing those role models in our schools.

Challenging homophobia

I remember only once hearing the word gay in one of my placements. Sadly it was not in a positive way.

We were on a school trip with year 5 and one of the pupils said to another...