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7 Reasons People Choose Email Counselling?

Email Counselling is a type of counselling where you exchange secure confidential therapeutic emails with a qualified counsellor.

Why choose email counselling?

In this blog I share 7 reasons why people choose this popular alternative to traditional counselling.

1 - More privacy

  • Do you worry about being overheard?

  • If you have other people in your household, then email counselling means you don’t have to worry if anyone is listening in. Particularly helpful if you want to talk about your partner or your kids!

  • We use a secure end-to-end encrypted email system which keeps our conversations confidential and safe.

2 - Write when you want

  • Handy if you can’t commit to a weekly session time

  • Popular with people who work shifts, travel a lot, have children or caring responsibilities

  • We agree a day/time when we each send our emails by, but you can write it at a time that suits you.

3 - Take your time

  • Do you find it difficult to think and respond during a traditional 50min session?

  • Email counselling gives you more space to think and process what you want to say.

4 - Explore what you need

  • Have you ever wanted to say something difficult to a friend and found it so hard that you ended up texting it instead? This resonates for many people I work with and so they like the option to have email counselling as they can write about the topics they really want to explore.

  • Many people feel more comfortable to explore topics - such as talking about sex - that might feel too embarrassing to say out loud.

5 - Hide your face and voice

  • Do you find it difficult to hear your own voice and show your face? If so, you might prefer the option of email counselling.

  • Are you trans (or think you might be)? Traditional in-person or video counselling can feel challenging for many trans clients who are exploring their gender expression as they may worry how their gender might be perceived by their counsellor. Many trans clients also have voice dysphoria so hearing their voice on video calls can feel distressing.

  • Maybe you’ve never had counselling before and are very anxious to meet me, and don’t feel ready to talk. Writing your feelings down might feel easier.

6 - Less disruption

  • Do other people in your household often stream Netflix and music? If so, your internet will slow down meaning that you screen could freeze in video counselling. This is the last thing you want in the middle of your counselling session.

  • Choosing email counselling means you won’t risk this disruption as sending an email does not require a fast internet connection.

7 - Get a permanent record of your counselling sessions

  • Read back over our email exchanges at a time that suits you as many times as you need.

  • Keep our email exchanges to reflect on in future

Are you thinking about having email counselling?

Read more about my online counselling service here.


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