Chloe's book recommendations - Part 2

Updated: Mar 29

I am excited to highlight some of my favourite books that I use in my work as an LGBTQ counsellor and trainer. This is part of a series of blogs.

Next up is ...

Transgender Health: A Practitioner's Guide to Binary and Non-Binary Trans Patient Care

Who wrote it?

Ben Vincent, holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from the University of Leeds. Ben specialises in transgender identity, community practices and transgender healthcare.

More info on their website here:

Follow Ben on Twitter: @GenderBen

What the book is about?

Aimed at healthcare and medical practitioners (although very accessible to counsellors) this book shows how to deliver primary and secondary care to gender-diverse people.

With accessible and practical advice on how to tailor your work to the needs of each client.

This book explains how to use language and pronouns in a respectful way and lists lots of detailed information about medical transition such as hormones, hair removal, top surgery and gamete storage.

What they cover?

Chapters include the following:

  • Trans Terminology

  • Fundamental Concepts

  • Administration and Patient Interactions

  • The Referral Process

  • Care Separate from Transition

  • Children and Adolescents

  • Gender Affirm