Chloe's book recommendations - Part 1

Updated: Mar 29

I am excited to highlight some of my favourite books that I use in my work as an LGBTQ counsellor and trainer. This is part of a series of blogs.

First up is a classic from 2013.

Sexuality and Gender for Mental Health Professionals

Who wrote it?

Christina Richards

Meg-John Barker

What the book is about?

'Questions of sexuality and gender affect everyone and therefore have an inevitable relevance in the consulting room. Yet with interpretations and manifestations of both varying greatly from person to person, understanding the inherent complexities of sexuality and gender can be a daunting task for the health professional. Breaking down these complexities this practical guide familiarises the reader with all of the common and many of the less common sexualities, genders and relationship forms, and explains experiences and issues relating to each.'

Book description taken from it’s companion website:

What they cover?

This book has 3 sections:

Section 1 – Gender Practices and Identities

Section 2 – Sexuality Practices and Identities

Section 3 – Relationship Structures

Why, as a counsellor, I find it helpful?

I really like the way it is laid out with easy to read manageable chapters explaining different gender and sexual identities, such as transgender, intersex, bisexuality, lesbian and gay sexuality.

Not only does it cover all LGBTQ identities but it also looks at gender and sexuality as a whole and also has chapters on being cisgender (not trans) and heterosexual (straight).

I like also that it has a whole section on relationships and covers topics on both monogamy and non-monogamy.