5 Tips to survive a break-up

Updated: Mar 29

As the cold face of January sets in, many relationships break down after living through the pressure to be happy at Christmas. In fact, the first Monday in January is now known as Divorce Day as it sees the biggest peak in divorce enquiries.

Whether you have been married or not, were in a relationship for a few months, years or even decades, the loss of a partner can be incredibly difficult to cope with.

As a counsellor having worked with a lot of people going through break-ups, I’ve put together some tips to help you survive this time.

1) Let your emotions out

The loss of a relationship is like grieving. You may be in shock, angry or sad. You may be afraid to start crying for fear of never stopping, but you will. Try and find a way to process your emotions that works for you.

Some examples of ways that people find helpful:

Listen to music

· emotive music/films (enables you to connect with your emotions/memories if you are finding it hard to feel emotion)

· exercise (allows your body to move pent-up emotion)

· clenching your whole body then letting go (allows you to feel the tension in your body and control releasing it)

· meditating/mindfulness (creates space for you to be aware in the present moment)

· journaling (helps vent emotion privately without the worry of what other people think)

Do something you enjoy - just for you

2) Learn to enjoy your time alone

Perhaps when you were in a relationship you spent less time alone, so it could feel a shock to suddenly have bags of time alone. Maybe you can remember other periods in your life when you have been single and reflect on what you enjoyed doing just for you.