2020 - My reflections

Updated: Mar 26

2020 has certainly been a very strange and crazy year for the whole world.

In the counselling world, in March 2020, Covid restrictions forced counselling to move online overnight. This was a strange and incredibly unsettling time for the whole profession.

So in today’s blog I wanted to reflect on the year and how it's been for me.

Firstly, I wanted to start by saying that in October last year, after having completed my professional training to offer counselling online in 2018, I had already decided to move my training and counselling practice 100% online.

What strange and eerie timing!

Most of my colleagues and counsellor friends were pretty disapproving of this decision. Many would ask if I would miss face-to-face work and gave the impression that they weren’t convinced counselling online could be as effective or enjoyable.

You see, pre Covid there was quite a strong attitude amongst many in the counselling profession that online counselling was second best.

However, I love online counselling and here's why.

In January 2020, I moved my practice 100% online. This not only gave me the opportunity to offer a diverse range of accessible therapies to clients, but also gave me the freedom to work where I wanted. So, as part of my plan, I re-located to Scotland. Thankfully, I managed to do this in late January, just before the UK went into nationwide lockdown in mid March.

Ever since, I’ve been amazed at how quickly counsellors have embraced working online. Many of them are now undertaking their own online counsellor training and planning to stick with 100% online sessions even once it’s safe to return to face-to-face counselling, something no one could have ever predicted.

Sadly, pre Covid, online CPD workshops were also looked down upon by many counsellors. After spending 18 months trying to get my online workshops off the ground with very low numbers I was so excited to see a huge surge in popularity in 2020.

In June, in partnership with Online Events, I ran 4 online workshops each with 100 to 150 people booked on! With such high demand we ran them again in October, and continued to see huge group numbers.