Working with Suicidal Ideation in LGBTQ

LGBTQ people are, sadly, statistically at higher risk of suicide. 


LGBTQ people are, sadly, statistically at higher risk of suicide.

In my experience as a counsellor many LGBTQ clients can be very scared of talking about suicide.

Trans and non-binary clients in particular can fear their counsellor ‘outing’ or misgendering them if their counsellor were to need to break confidentiality.

In this workshop we will work together to think about how societal attitudes and laws have continued to exclude LGBTQ people and how this has made many in the LGBTQ community very wary of professional support.

You will learn practical steps to enable you to contract with clients, paying particular attention to names, pronouns, titles and limits to confidentiality so that you can make your counselling work more inclusive and help LGBTQ clients feel safer to talk to you about suicide.

I will also share additional LGBTQ resources to enable you and your clients to get extra support.

Having completed the Suicide First Aid training in ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and with a background in working as a mental health advocate, I draw on my experience of talking with clients about suicidal ideation on an almost daily basis.

Join us to help build your confidence in working with suicidal ideation with your LGBTQ clients.