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Do you long for more flexible working hours?

Wish you could pause client sessions and take time to reflect before responding?


Want to become an email counsellor but not sure how?



I can help you



Training as an email counsellor you will

  • Learn how to run a professional email counselling service
  • Work very flexible working hours
  • Offer a more accessible service to your clients
  • Expand your work opportunities



Join this brand-new email counselling training where you will learn new skills and build your confidence to offer a diverse and accessible service to your clients.



What does the training cover?


  • Learn, through case studies, what to look for in client emails and how to respond


  • Learn how to manage privacy and security


  • Learn all the practicalities to get set up, including how to start email exchanges, how to manage your time, how much to charge and how to get support


  • Learn how to contract with clients and manage complex boundaries


  • Put your new skills into practice through email simulation with class peers


  • Learn how the email exchange ends and who writes the last email


  • Get all your questions answered



Are you ready to be

• Confident?

• Knowledgeable?

• Prepared?



Who is this workshop for?

  • Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Trainee Counsellors
  • Counselling Supervisors


I don’t fall into those groups but I’d love some training like this!

This training is open to qualified and trainee counsellors ONLY. Please note that this is a top-up course and alone will not qualify you as a professional registered counsellor.


How many places are there?

14 places ONLY


This small group experience offers confidentiality and the time to dedicate to each person's learning goals.


On large online courses or self paced training it is difficult to get your questions answered, let alone admit if you’re feeling confused or need clarification. I will be there to guide you through the process and share everything I have learned along the way in my experiences working as an email counsellor.



What’s the format?

Online via zoom.


This 2 day workshop is very interactive, suiting a range of learning styles with case studies, scenarios, quizzes, breakout room activities, Q&A in the chat room and a few PowerPoint slides.



Your ticket fee includes:

  • Your place on our small group training experience (max 14 people)
  • Two live interactive group classes (2 days online)
  • A full colour workbook to aid your further learning
  • CPD certificate



Additional Support

After completing this 2 day course you will get exclusive access to join Chloe's consultation support groups to reflect on your progress and practice in email counselling. These are additional optional drop-in groups, if you can't make the dates you can still join the full training. Chloe will send you details nearer the time of how to join the these group sessions for a small additional fee.



How accessible is this course?

We will take time to check-in what accessibility needs each individual has so that we aim to create a comfortable learning space together. This will be done by me asking you individually in advance and also by checking together as a group at the beginning of the first training day.


I aim to do all I can to help you get the most out of the training and to feel able to ask the questions you might have been too afraid to ask in large groups. This workshop will not be recorded so your confidentiality is protected.


There will be breakout room experiences each day to help you get to know your peers as you develop through the exercises. Please note that breakout rooms are optional as I understand not everyone enjoys learning in this way.


Having your camera on in zoom will be optional. There will be no pressure to have to show your face or to speak if you don't want to.


If you have any questions about accessibility please email me before the course.




What makes this training different?

Unfortunately most courses on online counselling focus heavily on video counselling taking up the majority of the focus which leaves email counselling as a short add on. This leaves many counsellors ill prepared to offer email counselling to their clients.


Many counsellors have told me that after doing a generic online counselling course they have gotten into choppy waters with trying to offer email counselling to their clients, especially around boundaries and misunderstandings. And of course there are many other counsellors who have learned a bit about email counselling but simply don't have the confidence to offer it to their clients as their online course barely covered it.


This is why I have designed this specialist top-up course to give you all the skills you need to learn how to exchange secure, confidential therapeutic emails with your clients.




Who's the trainer?

Chloe Foster is the author of Email Counselling, an Introduction for Counsellors, a popular accessible e-book for counsellors and trainees.


With a first-class degree in Education, she loves teaching and training and is proud to have made training an ongoing part of her career since 2003. Over her counselling career she has trained hundreds of counsellors to become more confident working with LGBTQ+ clients through her work with The National Counselling Society, Onlinevents and The Counselling Tutor.


Today, with over 5 years’ experience working as an email counsellor, Chloe enjoys sharing the skills she has honed with fellow counsellors through interactive live training courses.


In addition, she runs Sussex Rainbow Counselling where she offers email counselling as well as video and phone counselling to her clients.




Are you ready to learn more from someone with a proven track record in delivering high quality training and extensive experience of delivering email counselling?


Email Counselling Training - General Admission

  • This training runs over 2 days, you must be available to attend both sessions.

    Fri 26 Jan 2024 (10am to 4.30pm)


    Sat 27 Jan 2024 (10am to 4.30pm)


    This training is intentionally not recorded to make workshops more comfortable for you and your class peers. Joining live workshops allows you to get more support and the opportunity to ask all the questions you need.

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