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ideal if you can't travel...

What is Phone Counselling?


Ideal if you can't travel or there are not many counsellors in your area to choose from. This option allows you to still have counselling remotely but from the comfort of your own home. Unlike online counselling you do not need to have a computer or internet to access remote counselling.

Sessions are held at a scheduled weekly time when we agree I will phone you on your mobile/landline.

Is Phone Counselling Confidential?

As we will not be meeting in a therapy room it is important that we both take responsibility to ensure we are in a private space where we will not be overheard or disturbed for the duration of each phone session.


I use a separate work phone for my counselling work so your number will be secure in a password-protected phone that I do not carry with me outside my office.

Is Phone Counselling Safe?

I studied an advanced specialist course in online counselling which included working with audio calls. This knowledge and experience of working without seeing each others facial expressions and body language equips me to offer this method of working in a very safe way. To read more about my online experience and training click here.  

Why choose

Phone counselling?​​​

  • Mobility issues

  • Limited time

  • Embarrassed and would prefer not to show your face

  • Anxious about social situations and leaving the house

Phone Call
Mobile Phone

Things to Consider​​​


  • Do you have somewhere private and where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session?

  • Do you have a phone that you have sole use of?

  • Do you have decent phone reception? 

  • Do you like communicating over the phone?

How do I get Started?

STEP 1: Click here to complete the web form to ask to book an introductory session.

STEP 2: I reply by email offering you a session time and send you the paperwork to complete and sign.

STEP 3: You complete the paperwork and bank transfer the introductory fee.

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We meet by phone for your introductory session.

STEP 5: If we decide to start counselling sessions we then agree your weekly session time.