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LGBTQ Awareness Training

for Counsellors, Universities, Colleges and Mental Health Professionals 

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Nicky Hitchcock


As You Are Counselling Centre

"Chloe has provided several LGBTQ workshops at As You Are, each one is delivered to a very high standard and provides great opportunities for discussion. We will be booking more!!!" 

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"I really liked the interactive elements of the training. You provided various exercises which encouraged rich discussion and exploration amongst the group and I enjoyed working in smaller groups as well as the big group, and the opportunity to work with lots of different people. This really allowed people to share their experiences and practice with a range of therapists from different backgrounds and modalities.

You held the space well in terms of time-keeping, which I imagine was challenging at times as people seemed to become really engaged and passionate in their discussion groups - I, for one, felt that our conversations could have continued for several hours as so many interesting topics arose from our conversations!"

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Patsy Gough

Sussex Counselling and Psychotherapy Committee Member


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Frequently Asked Questions


What topics can you cover?

Course is designed to suit your needs around the topics of gender and sexual diversity. Some ideas of popular topics you may wish to cover are:​

  • Terminology in gender and sexual diversity

  • Gender neutral pronouns

  • Differences between anatomical sex, gender identity/expression & sexuality

  • Heteronormative society

  • Cisnormative society

  • Homophobia and mental health

  • Biphobia and mental health

  • Bierasure and mental health

  • Transphobia and mental health

What dates and times are available: 

Most courses are either 1 day or a half day but other timings can be negotiated. 

Advance booking is advisable to avoid disappointment particularly if you have limited availability.


How much does it cost?

Fees are dependant on group size and needs. Some reduced fees are available for charities.

The course fee includes:

  • Course handouts including key words, links and recourses

  • An attendance certificate for each participant

Where do you run the bespoke training?


How does online training work?

We will meet using Zoom group video call (Zoom is free and easy to use, instructions will be sent when booking). Each participant can access the link from home as long as they have internet access, and a device with a webcam and sound.

How do I book my group: Complete the enquiry form on this page, you will then receive an email (within a few days) with more details and a form to complete so I can learn more about your needs and develop the training to suit your group's needs.


Tom Gale-Batten

Volunteer Counsellor

at Cruse Bereavement Care

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Chloe's LGBTQ Awareness Training sessions recently.  The session was highly informative and interactive.  I'd highly recommend this workshop to other organisations."

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Jeanie Civil

Chair of Sussex Counselling and Psychotherapy

"Having Chloe Foster running our SCAP seminar for LGBTQ awareness teaching was like going back into my youth,  Watching this keen professional passionate dedicated teacher work so sensitively reminded me of me so long ago,  I hope I am still some of those adjectives but I did realise however experienced I am it is still so important to continue our personal CPD, as new doors opened up for me on to a roomfull of new thoughts and reflections of past clients,  Chloe worked in our roomful of diverse people which seemed to include the social spectrum of attitudes and questions. All of which she answered with calmness, empathy and grounded knowledge. Thank you Chloe"

“I can honestly say this is some of the best training I have been to in this area.


Chloe’s training can equip you for feeling more confident around the language and terminology that is currently being used to describe LGBTQ+ people. As this is constantly evolving, it can be hard for professionals and organisations to keep up with changing language. Chloe successfully creates a safe place for people within this training to explore this in detail, as well as how we can approach LGBTQ+ clients in the best way that suits their needs.


What I like about Chloe’s approach is that she managed to combine sharing her wealth of knowledge in this area, and some of the complexities, with some real life and practical ways that professionals can support clients in the LGBTQ+ community.


As someone who wears a lot of professional hats – part of the leadership team for a charity that takes equalities seriously, as well as building my own coaching practice focussed on LGBTQ+ people – Chloe’s training has equipped me with new knowledge and confidence in this area.”

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Mike Findlay


Head of Communications Victim Support Scotland


Life Coach Rising Fox

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