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LGBTQ Terminology & Pronouns

(Half Day Workshop Online)

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Are you a counsellor who’s frightened of saying the wrong thing to an LGBTQ client?

Perhaps you’re scared you might make a mistake with a client’s pronouns and not know what to do?

Are you wanting to build your confidence working with LGBTQ clients? 

I can help you.

Upcoming Dates


9.30am to 1pm

Friday 26 November 2021

Having run workshops for counsellors on LGBTQ awareness for the past 3 years I see many common questions and fears. My short course will help boost your confidence and help you feel ready to work with gender and sexual diversity in the counselling room.

My interactive online workshop is a deep-dive introduction to working with LGBTQ clients where you will learn everything you have wanted to know but have been too afraid to ask. 

You’ll learn the meaning of key terms, such as non-binary, pansexual, genderqueer, intersex and cisgender.

You’ll also learn why pronouns are important in the counselling room, learning how/when and whether to ask clients what their pronouns are, and what to do if you make a mistake.

Are you ready to be

•    Confident?

•    Knowledgeable?

•    Prepared?

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What makes this workshop different?
On large online courses it is difficult to get your questions answered, let alone admit if you’re feeling confused or need clarification.  This intimate, small group experience offers confidentiality and the time to dedicate to each person's learning goals.

What’s the format?

Join me online via zoom.

This half day workshop is very interactive, suiting a range of learning styles with case studies, scenarios, quizzes, videos, breakout room activities, Q&A in the chat room and PowerPoint slides.

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How much is it?

For more details please see click here.

The fee includes:

  • your place on an intimate workshop designed just for counsellors

  • CPD certificate

  • a full colour PDF workbook summarising the learning. 


You’ll also be invited to join Chloe’s mailing list where you’ll get: 

  • 20% discount on LGBTQ books

  • early access to free LGBTQ resources before they are added to Chloe’s public resources hub

  • the chance to be the first to read Chloe’s latest LGBTQ blogs

  • invites to future workshops before they go on sale publicly.

Why buy this course?
This is an intimate session with a very small group of counsellors. We will create a comfortable space together to help you feel able to ask the questions you might have been too afraid to ask in large groups. This workshop will not be recorded so your confidentiality is protected. With breakout room experiences throughout the day you will get to know your peers as you develop through the exercises with the same intimate group.

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Who is this workshop for?

  • Counsellors

  • Psychotherapists

  • Trainee Counsellors

  • Counselling Supervisors

I don’t fall into those groups but I’d love some training like this!

This can be adapted to work for other groups. I have experience in delivering workshops to colleges, universities, and mental health professionals. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and book a bespoke workshop for your group. 

Click here for more details about private bookings.

Who's the trainer?
Chloe Foster is passionate about training counsellors to enable you to feel more confident working with LGBTQ clients.

As a counsellor and trainer in her private practice, Sussex Rainbow Counselling, she specialises primarily in gender and sexual diversity within LGBTQ communities. Chloe's passion for working in this area began before her counselling career through her work with several LGBTQ organisations in Sussex: LGBT Switchboard, MindOut, and Allsorts Youth Project.

With a first-class degree in Education she loves teaching and training and is proud to have made training an ongoing part of her career since 2003.

Chloe is also an accredited Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversities Therapist with Pink Therapy and a part of the LGBTQ community herself.

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Quality Checked CPD Training Recognition

This course has been given Quality Checked CPD training recognition by the National Counselling Society (NCS).

This course alone is not a route to the Accredited Register nor does it fully equip a participant to practise as a qualified practitioner or refer to themselves  as a "specialist" in the subject matter unless they have other qualifications/training to support this.

Jude Beveridge (counsellor).jpeg

Jude Beveridge


"Thank you for a great course on Friday. I loved it and feel much more confident using different pronouns.

As you can see I have added them to my email signature.

I will see you on the next course,

Thanks again.”

Jude Beveridge (She/Her)

“Having done some pre-reading I thought I knew a bit about the subject but your explanation, along with some of the powerful attendee comments, made it clear that ‘I’ have to make the attempt.”

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Peter Fergie


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"I attended your workshop on pronouns a couple of months back. It was great, I learnt loads and took some small actions. One of those actions was posting about pronouns on my Instagram page. Lots of people have engaged with the posts including a colleague of mine. She’s a cis hetro colleague but she has approached me to talk about adding pronouns to our signatures for work email, she’s reached out to HR to enquire about doing this for all colleagues. I wanted to pass this on so that you know the impact workshops like yours have 🙏🏻"

Simon McLean


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Do I need any prior knowledge to join?

This is an introductory course designed for people new to thinking about gender and sexual diversity in the counselling room. You do not need any prior knowledge.



I see this course has NCS quality checked status, can you explain what this means?

The National Counselling Society (NCS) have assessed and approved all course material as well looking at previous participants testimonials and the trainer's experience. This course forms part of the full day course which currently runs for NCS members. 

Will the course run again?

Yes, join my email list for updates.



Will this course be recorded?

To protect the confidentiality of participants on this intimate course we have decided not to record this course. If you would prefer to learn by watching/reading rather than interacting live email me to get updates on alternative learning resources available in future.

If you have any other questions please get in touch:


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