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What is Email Counselling?


An exchange of weekly therapeutic emails. 


We will each send a maximum of 500 words once a week.


I will spend the same time writing to you as if we were meeting for a fifty-minute session and encourage you to do the same. The time delay is an important difference in this option, so I therefore take 2 working days to reflect on your email prior to responding.


We will agree to respond to each other by a certain time and day of the week.

e.g. you send an email before 5pm each Tuesday and I reply before 5pm each Thursday

Is Email Counselling Confidential?

It is important our emails are confidential. To do this we will agree a password and send each other password protected files.

Is Email Counselling Safe?

I have studied an advanced specialist course in online counselling which equips me to offer this method of working in a very safe way. To read more about my online experience and training click here.  

Why choose email counselling?

  • more time to think, due to us not meeting in ‘real time’

  • the ability to write at a time that suits you

  • no need to show your face 

  • no need to speak

  • express yourself through writing

  • more accessible

  • no travel time

  • feel more equal

Things to Consider

  • Do you have somewhere private to read/write where you will not be disturbed?

  • Do you have enough quality time to read/write?

  • Are you able to express yourself through writing and do you enjoy communicating this way?

  • Would be able to cope with gaps between our communications?

How do I get Started?


STEP 1: Click here to complete the web form to ask to book an Introductory session.

STEP 2: I will send you the registration form for you to complete and return by email and the bank details to book your session.

STEP 3: I will then email to confirming your email session time (by which you can write your email to me, I then reply 2 working days later). I will text you our password for our emails which we will use to password protect our word documents for each file we email each other. I will also email you a copy of my counselling contract.

STEP 4: You send your introductory email (500 words max) - remember to write it in a word doc and password protect the file to email to me.

More details about the Introductory Session

Our first email session will be an introductory session. This is not a counselling email instead it is more of a 'meet and greet'. It gives you the opportunity to get a feel for a first email from me and decide if you would like to start counselling email sessions. It also gives me a sense of what you are looking for and for me to see if I feel I can help you. It is important that you choose a counsellor you feel comfortable with so you may want to try a few before you decide. There is therefore no commitment at this stage.

In this email I invite you to:

  • share a little bit about any experience of counselling you may or may not have had before (good/bad experiences, how long for)

  • share a little about the main issues you are facing and would like some help with

  • share what you are hoping to get from counselling

  • ask me any questions, lots of info can be found on this website

STEP 5: I will send my therapeutic email response (2 working days later).

STEP 6: You email me to confirm if you would like to start counselling or not. If you do, please type your name at the bottom of the counselling contract to confirm you agree and then email then back to me.

Step 7: I will then reply confirming our weekly times we will send our email exchange.

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