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Scared of being judged?

Sick of being misunderstood?

> You want to be believed

> You want to be accepted

Holding Hands

Do you want to? 


> understand your sexuality​​

> find a label that fits you​​​​

> come out to friends/family​​​​​

> end a difficult relationship​​​

​> wear the clothes you want

> take steps to begin transition

> get confidence to meet new friends​​

​> enjoy relationships​

> feel pleasure in life

> feel comfortable in your own skin

I can help you ​​

Hi, I’m Chloe

As a queer non-binary person I have personal experience of how it can feel to be judged by professionals.

I'm passionate about helping LGBTQ+ people - like you - have affirmative counselling which is why I founded Sussex Rainbow Counselling in 2016.

I believe it's essential to not have to worry about coming out and educating your counsellor about your identity.

With over 12 years’ experience supporting LGBTQ+ people, I am also an Accredited Therapist in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity.

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Why Choose

Online Counselling?

> more comfortable (access from home)​​

> save time (no travel)


> choice of counsellors (see an LGBTQ+ specialist)

Pride Flag


I highly recommend Chloe’s ability – she established a sense of trust and safety which was precisely what I needed. I feel as a result very much improved in my mental state (after only approximately 10 sessions or so).

After many years of confusion and denial about who I was I had only recently started being honest with myself about my situation and also had only just started coming out to family and friends at the beginning of this year. At the start of my sessions I was still unsure about where I fitted in as a person. Sessions with Chloe helped give me the space and time to focus more clearly on my situation and issues I needed to address. 

I just wanted to say thank you again for your help/support as a counsellor over the past 6 months. It really has helped me move on a lot quicker that I thought was possible.

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