Does society impact your assumptions of your clients' sexuality?

Have you worked with many lesbian, gay or bisexual clients? How do you know? Did they tell you? Perhaps you inadvertently assumed they were straight …


In this workshop we will explore the impact of the society we live in, and how it can cause us, as counsellors, to automatically assume that clients will desire the ‘other gender’.

In this workshop we will explore how the society we live in can impact our assumptions as counsellors, that clients will desire the ‘other gender’.


Through group discussions of case studies, we will learn the meaning of the terms heteronormative and bierasure, and how these can have a daily impact on our clients who are lesbian, gay or bisexual as they battle through the world having to continually decide whether or not to ‘come out’ each time they are in a new situation, including with you, as their counsellor.


Bringing this awareness together we will end with an interactive activity where we will discuss the impact this can have on our clients’ mental health.