Do you struggle to use 'they' as a gender neutral pronoun?

Do you struggle to understand and the use of ‘they’ as a gender neutral pronoun? Perhaps you find using it uncomfortable and unfamiliar?


In this workshop we will explore together the background of ‘they’ as a pronoun and why it’s important to increasing numbers of clients we see in the counselling room.


We use pronouns all the time when we refer to our clients in supervision (perhaps without even thinking about it) but how many of us have asked our clients what their pronouns are?

Looking at case studies we will learn together as a group how/when/if to ask clients their pronouns and what to do if you we make a mistake.


Then, putting all this knowledge together, we will end with some virtual group work where you will get the opportunity to practice using the ‘they’ pronouns with some short role plays.


This interactive and experiential workshop will give you some basic understanding and confidence around the importance of pronouns in counselling and everyday life.