Does society impact your assumptions of your clients' gender?

A deep voice on the telephone or a female name on an email often pushes us as counsellors to assume a client’s gender. This is the result of us all living in a cisnormative society where we have learned to automatically assume gender unless corrected.


In this workshop we will explore the impact of the society we live, in asking ourselves questions such as: Have you worked with many trans or non-binary clients? How do you know? Did they tell you? Perhaps you inadvertently assumed they were cisgender (not trans) …

Through group discussions of case studies, we will discuss how our cisnormative society can have a daily impact on the mental health of our clients who are trans, non-binary or questioning, as they battle through the world having to continually decide whether or not to ‘come out’ each time they are in a new situation, including with you, as their counsellor.


Bringing this awareness together we will discuss how you can take this learning forward to feel more confident in creating a welcoming and safe space for trans and non-binary clients in your counselling practice.