Do you find it difficult to learn in a group?

Since starting to run my group workshops for counselling organisations and online with Onlinevents, I have noticed a growing number of counsellors contacting me individually afterwards to ask questions.

Despite having a free group for participants to ask questions after, still most people prefer to ask in private.

So this got me thinking, there seems to be a need for 1- to -1 support...

Why do people want to learn 1- to -1?

I wonder if it is a fear of getting it wrong, a fear of offending or just not wanting to look silly.


Working with gender and sexual diversity we can face some very contentious and political views about very sensitive and marginalised people, who deserve every right to be heard and understood. Sadly many LGBTQ people (particularly folks on the trans spectrum) are currently in an almost daily battle with the media who are trying to stop basic human rights becoming law.

For many counsellors this can feel an overwhelming topic to learn about.


However there is a growing consensus that being competent to work with LGBTQ people is essential, as we all have a relationship with gender and sexuality. Sadly learning about LGBTQ people is often missed out of initial counsellor training. This leaves many thousands of counsellors not feeling confident and not knowing where to turn to learn.


I want to help change things in my profession and help more counsellors be more competent and feel more confident.

Don't leave it until you get your first trans client, or your first same sex couple. Learn now, so you are feeling more confident and less likely to make the basic mistakes.

So are you ready to give it a go?


I can help you feel more confident working with LGBTQ clients. I will go at your pace.


If that means we need to go super slow through some of the most basic terminology right from the beginning that is totally ok with me. It is important that you feel comfortable and in a space where you can ask the questions you are too scared to ask on forums, Facebook groups or even with your counselling friends.


Why not try a no obligation consultation session to see if this is for you. More details below.


If you like it you can continue with a series of 1- to -1 sessions, or you may leave feeling you know enough for now. There is no need to commit to any more sessions than you need and you are welcome to come back for a 'top-up' and an update in future. 


What does a 1- to -1 training session cover?

Through my experience of running training workshops for groups on this topic for many years I can go through some of my workshop material with you - at your pace.


Choose from the following VIP workshops for counsellors.

  • Understanding LGBTQ Terminology - 1 hour

  • Working with Suicidal Ideation in LGBTQ Clients - 1 hour

  • 7 ways not to exclude LGBTQ clients from therapy - 1 hour

  • Supporting Clients to Explore their Gender & Sexual Identity - 1 hour

  • How Society Affects LGBTQ Clients’ Mental Health - 1 hour

  • They/Them, Ze/Hir, E/Em, She/Her, He/Him … What are your Clients’ Pronouns? - 1 hour


I'm not sure what training I need?

Don't worry this is common. Many people want to meet me first to check me out and to have a chat about what training I offer and how I might be able to help. For this reason I offer a consultancy session to meet and make a plan together.

How much does VIP Training cost?

Please contact me to discuss costs.



07472 987 893

Is it worth it?

Just think, no more having to listen to the same people dominate the group with their questions leaving you wondering why the trainer never quite got through all the material promised.


You have this time dedicated for you so we can take the time to work out what you would like to learn all at your pace.


What do I know? Why work with me?

I am an Accredited Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversities Therapist with Pink Therapy.


I have been running my LGBTQ counselling service since 2016. Since then I have built over 1000 hours of experience working with LGBTQ clients. I therefore have a rich variety of experience to draw from.

Before setting up my private practice I worked with LGBTQ clients in numerous LGBTQ organisations.


I have experience working as an LGBTQ counsellor for Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard, as an LGBTQ Youth Worker for Allsorts Youth Project and working for the LGBTQ mental health charity MindOut. Read more about my journey working in the LGBTQ community here.

With a First Class degree in Education I love teaching and training and am proud to have made training an ongoing part of my career since 2003. Read more about my experience as a teacher and trainer here.

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How do I book a session?

All you need to do is complete the form below and I will then get back to you with a time to meet. If you have any questions please email me on chloefoster@sussexrainbowcounselling.com

We will meet online using a live video conferencing platform. You will need a device with a camera/mic which is normally built in. You will likely find it a richer experience if you have access to a larger screen such as a laptop or desktop computer as apposed to a mobile device.

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