"Chloe is a terrific listener and helped to guide me towards constructive reflection and my ability to resolve my own issues. We worked by analysing the conflicts, then looked at what I needed to prioritise personally."

"I highly recommend Chloe’s ability – she established a sense of trust and safety which was precisely what I needed and I did not at any time feel negative after each session. I feel as a result very much improved in my mental state (after only approximately 10 sessions or so)."

"I just wanted to say thank you again for your help/support as a counsellor over the past 6 months. It really has helped me move on a lot quicker than I thought was possible."

"I identify as trans/questioning/gender queer. After many years of confusion and denial about who I was I had only recently started being honest with myself about my situation and also had only just started coming out to family and friends at the beginning of this year. At the start of my sessions I was still unsure about where I fitted in as a person. Sessions with Chloe helped give me the space and time to focus more clearly on my situation and issues I needed to address. Through Chloe's support I was often able to find answers myself that not only have helped me as a person who identifies as TQ, but also in my life in general. I have taken so many positive steps over the past 6 months that I thought I would never take, and I know sessions with Chloe played a key part in taking those steps."

"It was great – absolutely the right style. Subtle pointers so I could leave each session with some insight into what I needed to reflect on."

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