They/Them, Ze/Hir, E/Em, She/Her, He/Him … 

What are your clients’ pronouns?

Workshop Resources

Breakout Room - Activity 1 (Case Study)

Lexia - 1st session


You are a counsellor who works for an organisation. You are seeing Lexia for the first time today.


You have just collected Lexia from the waiting room and brought them into the therapy room. As they begin to talk you begin to feel uncomfortable and confused as you thought you were seeing a female client today and begin to wonder if you have taken the wrong client from the waiting room.

What do you think you might do in the moment?

Breakout Room - Activity 2 (Role Play)

This role play is to help practice using they/them pronouns

The scenario below is a description of a characters you will play in your role play in your pair.


  • 1 person plays the client

  • 1 person plays the counsellor

  • the others in group watch and feedback how it felt and how they might have managed.

Divide the time so you have time to do the role play and to debrief.


Client Scenario

Your name is Tania (she/her pronouns), you are 32.


Your partner Emily (they/them pronouns) has been talking a lot about wanting to adopt a child together. You are not sure though as you still have feelings for your ex girlfriend.


You are not sure what to do as you really care about your new partner too and do want to have kids eventually, just not right now. You are also not sure about adoption and would rather have a child ‘naturally’. You talk in this session about how messy and complicated the whole thing feels.

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