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explore emotions by typing...

What is Instant Message Counselling?


An exchange of therapeutic messages in a scheduled session time, without having to show your face or voice.  


We will 'talk' by typing for a scheduled 50 minutes once a week.

Is Instant Message Counselling Safe?

I have studied an advanced specialist course in online counselling which equips me to offer this method of working in a very safe way. To read more about my online experience and training click here.  

Why choose Instant Message counselling?

  • no need to show your face 

  • no need to speak

  • express yourself through writing

  • more accessible

  • no travel time

  • feel more equal

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Things to Consider​​​


  • Do you have somewhere private and where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session?

  • Do you have a smartphone that you can install the free app 'Signal - Private Messenger' on to?

  • Do you have a good, stable internet connection?

  • Is your device easy to type on?

  • Are you able to express yourself through writing and do you enjoy communicating this way?

How do I get Started?

STEP 1: Click here to complete the web form to ask to book an introductory session.

STEP 2: I reply by email sending you instructions to set up the messaging program on your device.


I will also offer you a session time and send you the paper works to complete and sign.

STEP 3: You complete and return the paperwork and bank transfer the introductory fee.

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We meet at the agreed time slot for your instant message introductory session.

STEP 5: If we decide to start counselling sessions, we book in your weekly sessions.